All TASHEV backpacks come with a written guarantee: Cordura® models - 2 year; Polyester models - 1 year.

This guarantee covers defects in materials or/& manufacture. This guarantee does not cover damage, caused by improper use, incidents or bad maintenance; mehanical material damages which don't concern their quality; normal wear due to intense use. 


The durability & long life of TASHEV's product is proven over time. The backpack is a product used for years under various conditions & intensity. Even when heavy packed & having went through prolonged use, the TASHEV backpack lasts many years without the need of service. In cases of accidental damages, TASHEV offers quality outside-guarantee service. It is done at TASHEV's own factory in Pleven, Bulgaria, within several days. So, if your backpack needs any fix, send it to our Pleven address, you would have it back within several days.