Through the years, the bulgarian mountaineer got used to the durable & reliable TASHEV equipment. 20 years ago, the bulgarian outdoor market had no good backpacks to offer. 10 years ago, it was the same with other equipment like tents, sleeping bags & camping gear. So TASHEV took the logical step of offering the bulgarian enthusiast, along with the backpacks, the full range trekking & camping equipment from well selected european brands. In 2007 TASHEV started distribution in Bulgaria of the well-known, old scottish brand VANGO - one of the best manufacturers of tents, sleeping bags, mats, camping furniture & camping gear. The good reputation of the company is due to their 50 year experience & the managment of the owners. VANGO is a stable company, characterized by constant model refining, premium material selection, production control, well-organized structure & loyal partnership. A manner very similar to TASHEV's own work ethic & the reason of the long-time collaboration between the two companies.

VANGO products:

tents - trek, alpine, adventure & camping tents
sleeping bags - vast diversity, including XL models
mats - beside standart sized, also Short, Long, XL & Double, for trekking, as well as camping
camping furniture - various sizes chairs, beds, tables, kitchen units & cupboards
shoes & walking poles
backpacks & travel bags
lightning, stoves & cookware
water bottles, flasks & water tanks
tent poles, pegs, floors, sunshades & other tent accessories

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