The backpack is a product, worn on the back. That's why in every TASHEV model, the construction of the back system is equally important to the design of the face.

The face - Every curve of the backpack is so presiced that it's not only beautiful & functional, but also durable. It been 20 years now & still, the main focus has remained on the toughness. Whatever changes & inovations may happen to any model, it's firstly questioned if it's durable enough.

The back - the comfort, weight, durability & price of every pack depend on the suspension system. Its main function is to "carry" the backpack's weight, taking the tension off the shoulders & apportion it to the whole back. The pack has to be well padded for prolonged use, especially when heavy loaded, & to be well ventilated. An ambitious aim of ours is to reach a maximal comfort & durability while retaining a light weight. Because we don't forget the backpack is, after all, worn on the back.
A fine painter shapes an image with only a few strokes. But behind those few strokes hide many years of hard work & self improvement. TASHEV's suspension system is similar - after years of analyses, improvements & detail refining, we developed an ingeniously simple suspension system, well calculated ergonomics & first-class material selection. TASHEV's construction is not complicated - we simplify it, reaching supreme comfort. TASHEV backpacks remain incredibly lightweight for their class - one of the lightest, worldwide.
That's how you get everything: comfort, light weight, fair price & most importantly - guaranteed durability. The TASHEV backpack will serve you well, won't unbalance you, won't break - it just does what it's supposed to. A backpack you'll love from the very start, through many years.

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