How we do it

The manufacture of a backpack is not just putting details together on a sewing machine. It's a long & laborious process, involving various manipulations with diverse complexity & specificity. Involved in this process are many people with diverse qualifications & skills, as well as various specified heavy duty machines as well as highly specialized sewing machines. Some of them are custom made for TASHEV's particular needs.


The backpacks are large products & their manufacture requires a solid technological base & large production & warehouse areas. In order to achieve a supreme quality & strength, TASHEV follows a strategy of complete independence. The company invests in its own production facilities & doesn't work with subcontractors.


Екипът на Ташев


The backpacks are manufactured at TASHEV's own factory, specially designed for the brand's collection, here, in Bulgaria. The refining of the products, the technology of manufacture, the qualification & skill raising of the team are all one constant process. Combined with the precise selection of premium materials, shipped from european factories, a high quality is guaranteed in every TASHEV product.
Products from a bulgarian brand, manufactured in Bulgaria with materials from Europe - TASHEV backpacks - "No China products".