Bulgarian family company
Found in 1995, TASHEV is a bulgarian company, located in Pleven, Bulgaria. 20 years now, the company manufacture backpacks & outdoor accessories under its own brand TASHEV, known for its supreme quality, strength & durability.
Built from the ground up by determined & principled young people - outdoor enthusiasts, willing to manufacture quality equipment for the people like them. Bulgaria's dynamic economic environment in the last 25 years has been enough for gaining experience, building values & finding a right place.

Own production facilities
During these 25 years of growth & improvement, the company, its managers & the whole team gained expirience & built a modern manufacture here, in Bulgaria.
TASHEV's own production facilities give a possibility for control of the whole manufacturing process & when necessary, quick decisions to be made & the implemented measures to be taken. The building of an own factory, specially organized for the manufacture of the TASHEV collection, gurantee the high quality of the products & the flawless reputation of the brand.

High standards
At TASHEV, we create products for people with passion for mountains & outdoor adventures - people just like us. That's why the TASHEV backpacks are made with enthusiasm & special attention. Our aim is the equipment coming out of our factory to be absolutely durable & reliable - one you could always count on.  All products with the TASHEV branding have to serve long & flawlessly, to meet the highest durability & quality standards. All materials, & later - all products, go through our own tests in real conditions.

"The backpack-making never became just business. Everything is still too personal. Our main & most important priority will always be to offer you reliable products, ones you could always count on. We make TASHEV backpacks as for ourselves - their first & regular users. We have to like them first in order to offer them to you."
Gergana & Georgi Tashev, managing owners

Partnership integrity
Partnership is in the core of our relations with providers & clients. Intergrity in business & compliance with the law are the company's ethical norms. All relationships are based on them - with partners as well as with employees. A trust has been built through the years between the TASHEV team & its partners & the community. A trust, carefully looked after by the company & one of the reasons of its success.

TASHEV manufacture products for people who have a passion for mountains & outdoor adventures - people just like TASHEV's founders. That's why every product is made with special attention.
Ran directly by the owners, who are a part of the team, the company keep high standards & working conditions, a healthy, safe & comfortable working environment as well as ethical relationships, based on mutual respect & understanding. Tough backpacks are made by a tough team.
Recruited to the team are people, sharing the company's principles, perceiving the concept & proud of the reputation of the brand they are working for. With growing professionalism, the team takes the responsibility to maintain the high standard of quality, set by TASHEV & keep the good name of the brand.