TASHEV backpacks are durable & reliable. Whoever buys one, does it for its quality. The TASHEV buyer isn't affected by advertisements, promotions or campaigns because there aren't any. There are no trade organization elements in the company's structure. TASHEV doesn't have sales & a Sales Representative, doesn't have set targets constantly to chase & never had. Nobody is being persuaded to buy - the products sell themselves.
This is a simple concept: if a product is truly good, it doesn't need any advertisement - it sells itself. With zero marketing budget, no overcharges for sales Representatives & distributors, the price of the backpack is close to its true cost. Thanks to this concept, the prices of the TASHEV backpacks are comparable with the low-class backpacks worldwide but what the client get is high-class quality. An unarguable fact, which makes the brand different & unique.
The expectations towards the TASHEV backpacks are high. That's why our team is focused on the products, their quality & durability, so nobody who buys TASHEV to be left disappointed.
This concept has proven to be the key to success for the young bulgarian brand.