Canopies, windbreaks

Additional space for relaxing evenings in front of the tent. Awnings, tarps, windbreaks and shelters in various sizes and constructions. Hook lighting, arrange tables and chairs, kitchen furniture, lounge chairs…

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VANGO Tarp 3x3

• Vango Protex® 70 denier polyester flysheet, 3000mm HH - Highly w...

148.00 BGN
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VANGO Trek Tarp

The Vango Trek Tarp is a lightweight addition to any trekking tent to extend the...

113.00 BGN
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VANGO Adventure Tarp

The Adventure Tarp is versatile and can be easily attached to the front of a ten...

89.00 BGN
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VANGO Gear Store

Designed to increase the space of front-entry style trekking tents. The Gear Sto...

238.00 BGN 254.00 BGN
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Durable and breathable triangular PVC mesh tarp. The weaving construction offer ...

124.00 BGN
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High Peak Capo 3.0 Tarp

Polyester awning with UV protection. Supplied with 2 steel poles (200 cm) and 10...

99.00 BGN 117.00 BGN
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Shown 1-19 of 19 items