Warranty and Service

TASHEV® Backpacks
2 years warranty for backpacks, made of Cordura®.
1 year warranty for backpacks, made of Polyester.
The warranty card is valid only when it has the stamp and signature of the retailer and a document of purchase.

Vango® Tents:
1 year warranty. This warranty does NOT cover broken tent poles, torn zippers or missing parts.

Lomer® and Northland® Shoes:
From 1 month to 1 year warranty. This warranty covers defects due to faulty materials or manufacture. Sandals and sneakers - 1 month. Trekking shoes - from 3 months to 1 year.

All warranties apply to faulty materials or manufacture and do NOT apply in cases of damages due to wrong exploitation, incidents, bad maintenance, excessive and not intended use, and mechanical damages, independent of the quality and durability of the materials. The warranty is valid only with filled warranty card, document of purchase and with full packaging.

The manufacturers encourage their clients towards:
careful handling of the equipment
exploitation according to its purpose
proper maintenance
cleaning after use, with suitable detergents, which won’t harm the special fabrics
reliable storage during periods when the product is not used.

For products in the category Outlet, Warranty does not apply.

If a problem occurs, which you think is manufacturer’s fault - defective fabrics or faulty manufacture - you have the right to make a reclamation.

Reclamation is made at the store which the product has been bought from.
For products, bought online - via email, with attached photos of the product and its defect, its full name, document of purchase and description of the problem.

Our team strives to give an answer as soon as possible. In case the photos are insufficient for a definite answer, we will contact you. You will have to send the product to our address and we will draw a protocol. The product has to be clean, in its full and original packaging, with attached document of purchase and warranty card, if there is one. For shoes - with their box.

After examination of the problem, we or the manufacturer determine the cause of its appearing. If the defect is the manufacturer’s fault, we repair it free of charge. If service is impossible, we replace the product with another one. If neither is possible, we refund the paid sum into a bank account, chosen by you.

All repairs (before or after warranty expiration) of TASHEV backpacks are done in our factory in Pleven in a few days.
We receive repair requests for TASHEV products extremely rarely /for backpacks, gone through an accident or very old ones/. That’s why our pricing policy of repairs of off-warranty products is very liberal and the return times - short.

If you need a repair, contact us and send the send the backpack with a courier shipment to our address in Pleven. After the repair, we send it back with a courier shipment within a few days. We repair only TASHEV products.
Repairs for products with unexpired warranty from any other brand are done by their manufacturers, after established manufacturer’s fault within 1 month after making reclamation.